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"As a result  of Ashley's expertise and dedication, I was able to get back to running- one of the main ways that I relieved stress. She took the time to help educate me on how my knee problems were connected to my hips- and that for my wellness to really improve, I needed a holistic approach to my recovery. She was knowledgeable, personable and willing to problem solve any issues related to my health. I now have a sustaining plan to keep myself on this journey."

KRISTIN ARROW- Professional Acrobat

"As a professional acrobat, I have been to my fair share of PTs both locally and around the world, but none compare with Dr. Ashley O’Rourke. She has not only successfully treated me for many of my various injuries, but she has also given me the tools I need to help prevent future injuries. Ashley diagnosed and thoroughly treated a tricky injury that another doctor had diagnosed incorrectly. She made me aware of dysfunctions and compensations within my body that I was causing myself, and through treatments she clearly explained to me how to overcome them. I believe that Dr. O’Rourke’s experience as a gymnast has made her more aware of the body and its intricate functions than most other PTs. Not to mention, she is very personable and has a great bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. O’Rourke for any kind of physical therapy, athletic training, rehab or preventative program!"



"After a snowboarding injury in January 2018, I was unable to do anything physical- even sitting for long periods of time was painful. A physician recommended physical therapy for my herniated discs so i started seeing Dr. Ashley O'Rourke. She essentially gave me back the ability to live my life again. The next winter I was able to return to both hiking and snowboarding- two things that I loved doing before my accident, but thought that I may have to give up for the rest of my life. It was all due to Ashley's treatment plan focused on my weak glutes and core that I was able to understand my injury, get rid of my pain and make adjustments to my posture and lifestyle to prevent it from coming back. I strongly recommend both physical therapy as a treatment option and this company/therapist."

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