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  • One on One care       

  • Convenience (treatment brought to you)

  • Safety during COVID-19                       

  • Individualized Care

  • No wasted time driving to/from PT

  • No sitting in traffic

  • More time for education about your injury

  • Treatment only with a DOCTOR

  • Consistency (same provider each session)

  • No surprise bills

  • No hassle with insurance companies

  • No gaps in treatment while awaiting authorization

  • Have a say in your treatment

  • Create your own treatment goals

  • No need to find a babysitter

  • No need to leave a newborn home or interfere with the schedule you have set



ONE on ONE Care

Most traditional clinics will have 2-4 (or sometimes even more) patients being seen by a single therapist at a time. This means that you're time with the therapist is limited and you are often left to figure things out yourself, perform an exercise incorrectly or make it hard for you to get your therapist's attention if an activity is too easy/too hard/or painful. At Tidal Sports Rehab & Recovery, we believe that YOU should be the center (and only) attention of the therapist. One on one treatment allows the therapist to adjust the plan of care in a timely manner which helps you get better faster. They can also spend more time educating you on the anatomy/physiology behind your condition and your form with exercises so that you will be able to help yourself in the future and avoid having to start a new round of therapy if symptoms return (saving you money down the road!)


Here at Tidal Sports, we know that life is hectic so we're here to help you simplify things. One of the leading reasons people don't take care of their health is lack of time. Often times patients put off treating their injuries for months or even even years! Unfortunately, the longer an injury has been going on, the more difficult and longer duration it takes to resolve. We want you to be able to nip your injury in the bud and get back to your normal life as quickly as possible. This is why we see patients on an appointment only schedule ranging from 5am to 8pm and at your location or within our clinic. We can see you in your home, at your office, or at your gym... (it is the patient's responsibility to ensure that the location of their choice is ok with this type of service being provided in their facility) so that you don't have to waste time driving out of your way. Many people find it more convenient to have their therapy sessions before/after work or during their lunch hour so they do not have to take PTO and we are here to accommodate that. 


Additionally, those with young children may find it easier to have in-home care so as to cut down the cost and inconvenience of finding a babysitter. For postpartum mother's with pain- there is no reason you should have to suffer either. We come to you so you don't have to worry about leaving your newborn alone with someone for the first time or changing the schedule your baby is on.


We've already talked about how concierge PT can save you time & money by eliminating the need to drive to treatment sessions, sit in traffic, take time off of work or pay for a babysitter, but what else? For one, our cash-based business model means no surprise bills from insurance companies. So many times, patients are seen in a clinic for multiple visits only to find out weeks later that their insurance company denied their claims, did not authorize the visits or only covered some of the services already provided, thus leaving the patient with a hefty bill to foot (all while they've been seen in a busy clinic with little attention supervised by a PTA or tech). At that rate, it would have been more beneficial to be seen in a cash-based system where full attention is on you and pricing is typically lower or equivalent.


Many insurance companies also require visits to be authorized ahead of time. Sometimes this can take several days or even weeks to process meaning that the patient will have gaps in their treatment leaving them open to relapses or regression resulting in prolonged care and, therefore, more $$....(and that's if they even end up authorizing the visits at all!) If they deny the visits, then you're left in pain with no insurance coverage anyway. Additionally, most insurances have limits to the number of sessions per year or per injury that you can use. 20-30 visits a year is common. That may be enough visits to get better if you have a mild-moderate sprain or strain, but that's only about half of what you would need following most surgeries. Patients are then left paying out-of-pocket anyway once their insurance benefits have been exhausted or they decide not to complete their recovery protocol and open themselves up to additional issues or re-injury later on.


Too many times insurance companies deny authorizations or visits because they deem the service "not medically necessary" or they don't think the patient is "bad enough" to require them to pay. (They often won't cover "return to sport" or "return to running". Even some won't cover "return to work activities" or after a patient is ~60% better.)...... Is 60% ok with you? Do you go to the doctor  to get only 60% better? Do you pay astronomically high insurance premiums only to deserve getting 60% better?? I know I don't, and this is why we found working with insurance companies to be relatively unethical in our eyes. They get rich while both the patient and clinician suffer. If a patient wants to return to running, soccer or jiu jitsu, that is what we are going to help them do- not let the insurance company tell us and/or the patient that it is "not necessary".  If it is necessary to the patient, it is necessary to us. Do you want an insurance company telling you what kind or how much treatment you should have? Or how much pain/dysfunction you should find acceptable to live with? Or should you and your doctor make that decision together? We think YOU should be in control of your own health and set your own goals- NOT the insurance companies.


**Don't forget- even though you may be paying more per visit up front, many insurances will reimburse you at least part of the cost as an out-of-network provider if you submit the claim to them.


We provide you with treatment where you feel safe. No need to go into a large clinic where hundreds of other people have been each week. No need to be seen with other patients at the same time sharing equipment like most traditional outpatient clinics. No need to leave the safety of your own home- particularly during these uncertain times. Additionally, all equipment/tables are disinfected between/prior to patient use. 


Your treatment will always be based around your specific goals. It doesn't matter if your goal is as simple as being able to walk around the house painfree or as complex as completing a triatholon, we are here to help you make it happen. As stated before, many insurance companies will not provide coverage outside of getting you back to "normal daily activities" (i.e. standing up from a chair, going up stairs, washing your hair etc.) We know that most people have goals far beyond that and that is why we are here. Getting back to the activities you love is not only important for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. Let us help you improve your quality of life today! 

FULL 1 hour with a DOCTOR

In our business model, you will not find yourself pawned off to a PT tech or aide. Nor will you find that your follow-up treatment sessions are with a PTA (PT Assistant) after your initial evaluation was with an actual physical therapist. We believe in consistency- not making a patient see a different clinician every time they receive treatment. Many outpatient clinics use PT Techs and Assistants as a way to see more patients at once and cut payroll costs, but here at Tidal Sports Rehab & Recovery, we believe your entire treatment should be with the Doctor themselves- from start to finish! This allows for the very best possible care by creating a greater rapport between patient and therapist which, in turn, leads to quicker adjustments to the plan of care if necessary.


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